Alcohol quiz // 2021

A while back I followed a week long workshop about data visualization given by Ruiter Janssen (Dutch designer, specialized in data design). In the beginning of the week we learned a lot about where to start when you want to find information, reliable sources, and how to use that information and data in a design. Ruiter has made a lot of inspiring projects with data as his source. During this workshop week we got the assignment to make a data visualization for a target audience. I choose the subject alcohol, reason being that I find it strange that lots of people don’t see alcohol as a drug. Alcohol has been ‘normalized’ throughout the years despite the many articles published about the healthrisks of alcohol. My target audience are students, therefore I wanted to present my visualization in a fun way, not in a critical way. I choose to do this in the way of a quiz. In the end I got lots of respons from people who were totally unaware of the health risks of alcohol.