Dyslexia crossword puzzle // 2019

“Dyslexia is a specific learning disability characterized by a persistent problem in teaching accurate and fluent reading and / or word-level spelling that is not the result of environmental factors and / or a physical, neurological or general intellectual disability.” This is the last definition of the Stichting Dyslexie Nederland. But what is it like to have dyslexia? I wanted to experience it myself to understand this learning disability better but also to create awareness for others who do not have this learning disability. So that the people who have dyslexia can be understood better.

I created an interactive crossword puzzle for this project in which you have to search for words while you listen to a sound fragment in the meantime. The words in the puzzle are not spelled in a normal way but in the way a person with dyslexia sees them. I was able to briefly exhibit this interactive experience at the public library in Bergen op Zoom.