Power women // 2021

Women’s rights and feminism in 2021. Are we closer to equal pay? Are women safer on the streets or is street intimidation still an issue? What has changed in the past 100 years and do we still need to actively fight for equal rights or have we come so far that we are on the equal level of men?

I am going to focus on feminism, an ongoing battle for women’s rights. The reason that I chose feminism for this project are the current demonstrations about the abortus law, not only in The Netherlands but also in Poland. And the fact that Turkish president Erdogan decided to leave the international treaty, aimed at preventing violence against women. Despite the progress on women’s rights that we made throughout the years, this is also deteriorating and we have to keep fighting for women’s rights. I want to make a visual timeline about the women’s rights to display at the public library, alongside books about the changes in feminism and books written by change makers in the revolution of feminism, the power women.

Power women is a zine that offers a short history lesson about feminism in the past and present, as well as many tips about modern books, movies, Instagram accounts and podcasts. In collaboration with the library in Bergen op Zoom I realized an educative theme corner about feminism. It is an ode to the power women who are or have been active in the fight for equal rights. In this corner you will find a lot of books on this subject as well as my handmade zines full of information and tips. Visitors can also participate in a collective art challenge about feminism where the works are bundled and sent to The Brooklyn Art Library in New York, USA.

Inspiration & research project

Experimenting on a new printing technique, riso printing. I used different colors to find the perfect combination for the zine.

Final design for the zines, mixed media. It’s a combination between digital and traditional art.

I collaborated with the public library in Bergen op Zoom for this project, it was a very pleasant collaboration with very enthusiastic employees. During my exhibition/educational intervention the local newspaper interviewed me about my project and it got more publicity in the area. It was a great experience and some of the people that visited took a zine home, eventually all 30 copies that I created were sold out. You can read the article about my project here. (Sorry it’s in Dutch!)

We also organized an exhibition in the center of Breda. I did this together with my classmates who also created other projects during this period. 

There were a lot of people who responded to the collective art challenge in the zine. Thanks to this project I was able to meet very nice women in the area who make their own art and form collectives  with others. It was great to talk about there point of view on feminism and see their work. I’ve photographed all the entries for the booklet that has now been sent to America for The Brooklyn Art Challenge. All the artworks are own interpretations of feminism and women’s rights in the 21st century.