Take a look at my proces

I recently started with a new project. The academy gave us three courses to choose from; material ecologies, speculative realities & situational networks. I choose situational networks which is all about designing for, in and with networks. Contexts that connect people, things, places and situations.

Step 1: Determine the subject

Throughout the year i keep a small sketchbook, in this book I note all the things that I find fascinating or subjects I want to use in a project. This book is the starting point for any new project, I select a few subjects I want to work with at that moment and then I create a mindmap for all these subjects, writing down related subjects and techniques I would like to work with.

I am going to focus om feminism, an ongoing battle for women’s rights. The reason that I chose for feminism are the current demonstrations about the abortus law, not only in The Netherlands but also in Poland. And the fact that Erdogan decided to leave the international treaty, aimed at combatting violence against women. Despite the progress on women’s rights that we made throughout the years, this is also deteriorating and we have to keep fighting for women’s rights. I want to make a visual timeline about the women’s rights to display at the public library with books from women who wrote about these changes or were change makers in the revolution for girls, the power women.

The public library is a place where lot’s of people meet; young, old, students and the elderly. The one thing that connects them is gaining knowledge and passing this on. Everybody can borrow a book at the library and gain knowledge on different subjects. I am currently still searching for my target audience, it is probably going to be teenagers and young adults. These are young woman who can gain knowledge on our ongoing battle and learn how we can move forward to protect women rights.