Liza Weald // 2020

Liza Weald is een getalenteerde sing & songwriter uit Roosendaal. Ze heeft mij gevraagd om een lyric video te maken voor haar single ‘Take you home’. “When I took my trip to my family in Canada, we camped near the shores of Lake Huron. Hiking on cliffs, sleeping under the trees and among the fireflies was something I had never done before. It made me feel so calm and happy, as if I arrived at home. It felt like I had nowhere else to go, that this was were I belonged. Every morning I got up a little early to walk the path to the lake with a guitar – my uncle had built his own and of course he brought some with him on the trip – to experience this empowering and liberating feeling. Eventually I wrote a song.” – Liza Weald. Ik heb haar ervaringen uit Canada omgezet naar illustraties en verwerkt in de video.