Social map // 2019

We created a new social map for the township Dongen in The Netherlands. It’s a map with important phone numbers and organizations that residents can use to ask for help in different situations such as the police, help with administration, youth work, healthcare etc. For this project. We worked together with students following an education in social works. They asked us to redesign the social map. They are currently use a confusing PDF which is not clear and legible for the citizens.

When we started on this project the first thing we did was categorizing the organizations under different themes such as health, money matters, safety etc. Then we looked at the target audience and decided to make a website for the younger people and a flyer for the elderly and people who don’t use the internet so often. It’s also very easy to have a flyer at home so you can call any of the organizations immediately. So my classmate Cheyenne Veen worked on the website design and I worked with Onno van den Dungen on the flyer. He made the front for the flyer. The corporate identity had already been determined by the municipality so we used the colors and fonts of their choice. For this project we (Cheyenne Veld, Onno van den Dungen & me) worked together with students from Social Works from Avans Hogeschool.